Travel Agent Solutions

B2C and B2B cloud based online travel solutions built for travel agencies and tour operators. Main features includes property management, rate management, booking management, guest management, offers, online payments, reports and more. Product demos available on request. Let it be your travel website for customers or your internal management systems.

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B2C Travel WebsiteB2C travel website is a full travel website solutions to enable customers to make bookings, pay online and raise customer requests and queries. These are optimized for SEO and social media posting. Also provides a high performance responsive website for all devices.
  • Master data configurations and managements.
  • Hotel information management.
  • B2C rate management for date ranges and markets.
  • B2C agents and mark-up/ commission management.
  • Bookings management.
  • Dynamic offers and calculations.
  • B2C invoicing and Email/SMS integrations.
  • Customer support and query management.
B2B Travel SolutionsB2B is fully focused on agents rates, markup/commission management, payments and booking management. Agents are provided with their portals to make bookings and get invoices and quotes and the agency can overlook everything under B2B Travel Solution.
  • Agent Rate Configurations.
  • Date Ranges and Market management for agents.
  • Markup/commission management for agents.
  • Quotations and Invoicing for agents.
  • Payments and Receivable management.
  • Hotel Information Management.
  • Bookings Managements.
  • Offers and Calculations for discounts.